There is a sexual assault epidemic in America and victims are falling through the justice system.

Each year tens of thousands of sex crimes never get prosecuted. SJC provides free legal services to hold the perpetrator accountable.

Why we are needed

Every victim deserves the opportunity to hold their perpetrator accountable.

Only 7 out of 1000 cases are prosecuted in criminal court due to the burden of proof.

Although victims can get accountability in civil court, the high cost of civil cases prevents most survivors from using the civil courts.

Burden of proof

In criminal court the burden of proof is “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt”.

Most attorneys agree that “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt” means all 12 jurors must believe above 95%
certainty that the perpetrator is guilty.

In civil court the burden of proof for accountability is “More Likely Than Not”. That is a 51% level of certainty
that the perpetrator committed the crime. This enables a greater opportunity for success.


In criminal court the goal is to hold the defendant accountable to the state.

In civil court the goal is to hold the defendant accountable to the victim.


In criminal court the state prosecutes and controls the case.

In civil court the survivor prosecutes and makes decisions about their case.

The Survivors Justice Center is committed to filling the gap in our justice system by providing free legal services and access to a network of not-for profit organizations to restore hope and enable healing for survivors of sexual violence.

Working with a network of therapeutically focused, not-for-profit organizations, we provide people with the resources they need to pursue civil legal action.

What we do
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Money should never be a barrier to justice.

Help us bring hope to survivors of sexual violence.