We are a survivor focused not-for-profit law firm with a holistic approach to healing and justice.

We have developed a unique, comprehensive approach to help survivors navigate their legal case, and therapeutic options provided by our
not-for-profit partners.

A unique approach

SJC is committed to understanding the needs of each sexual assault victim by breaking through the barriers to justice and filling the justice gap. Every victim — regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, or financial situation — deserves the opportunity to hold their assailant accountable through the legal process and have access to therapeutic support and help.

Through a client-centered model that takes into consideration each victim’s individual needs, we explore the resources available with our clients and decide on the next steps. Those steps may include getting our client the non-legal services they need, such as counseling or shelter. It also means either waiting to start a civil suit until the survivor is emotionally ready or starting a legal case immediately. All these decisions are made together with our clients and guided by what is in their best interest. For each survivor, “what is in their best interest” may be different.

Our team is here to help.